An Auspicious Day for Beginnings

Today was an auspicious day to begin anew your yoga practice.  Why?  Because today a new group of students began studying Ashtanga Yoga with Sharath Rangaswamy Jois in Mysore, India.  Claudia, who has a great blog, was kind enough to point out a list from Elephantbeans of blogs posting live from Mysore.  In addition, if you had previously completed a 40 hour teaching immersion with David Swenson, you could have started his 2 week advanced course in Austin, Texas today.  I’m avidly following Meghan from Damn Good Yoga as she goes through this training, lucky woman!

Which reminds me, Meghan talked about how her sun salutations got nitpicked and refined.  This is interesting to me because I’d have to say that one of the most valuable things I took from my training with David and Shelley was the revamping/realigning of Surya Namaskara A and B.  Everything.  The breathing, the alignment, everything.  I’ve learned from so many teachers over the years that I had a lot of unexamined assumptions.  A big thing that was off for me was my hand placement, my hands were too far forward in chauturanga, so I couldn’t move fluidly into upward dog, I’d end up sort of stuck on my toes and have to do a major foot adjustment to get onto the tops of my feet.  Lots of little things.  Even the breath- I wasn’t inhaling as I jumped forward.  It has completely changed my practice.  The sun salutations are at the heart of the entire practice.  It’s fascinating to me that there is a whole world there that I’ve only begun to tap into.  How many years and I’m still learning from sun salutations?  That is the beauty of everyday things, right there.

This week I’m finishing up a sequence on Yoga for Triathletes that I’ll be teaching at the Virginia Thurston Healing Garden in Harvard, MA next Sunday.  I also have to give a 10 minute talk, so I’ll be writing more about that this week.  It’s been interesting going back to my roots and looking at a Baron Baptiste video, researching on the internet, etc…    More later!


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