Needle Me

Yesterday I had acupuncture to treat my left knee.  Lying on a table with needles in my body and a heat lamp on my knee, covered in warm blankets and listening to soothing music, I meditated.  I could feel waves of energy in various parts of my body.  I could feel the meditation deepen as I went through the parts of the body, focused on the so ham breath (inhaling you silently say ‘so,’ exhaling a silent ‘ham’).  It became yoga nidra, a very deep form of meditation known as yogic sleep.  So I don’t know if it was the acupuncture or the meditation or both, but for hours afterwards a calm, balanced presence of mind was a noticeable contrast to my normal flurry of activity.  Driving around picking up my children, I drove a little slower, relaxed about the time, took my son to the hardware store.  A few hours of clarity.  David Magone taught us Yoga Nidra in his teacher training program and I remember after one 40 minute session feeling as if the world had been washed clean, everything was crisp and bright, almost hallucinatory but in a good way.

Will it help my knee?  Will I be able to get a tighter lotus in 30 days?  Who knows.  The clarity alone was priceless.  I have gotten away from my meditation practice a bit to focus on the intense nature of a morning Ashtanga asana practice, and to have this time for morning writing.  But that moment of clarity gives me pause to reevaluate.  More of this, I think, more of this.



2 thoughts on “Needle Me

  1. Thank you Claudia! I love your blog and have been following your progress. I try to think of you and your bravery when I’m tempted to whine about my current limitations. Speedier recovery to you!

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