Sunday is the day I practice 2nd series, but even with daylight savings time I didn’t have time for the full practice.  I made it up to eka pada sirsasana and went to the 3 closing poses.  Kapotasana was not very tight and I couldn’t touch my toes, but I didn’t get to practice much last week and I was just happy to visit a deep backbend.  I’m not sure that it’s a great idea to practice 2nd series and then take my kids to church.  You see, I’m extraordinarily lucky and have this great UU church in a neighboring town where the services are regularly so beautiful and poignant, that sometimes I’m already crying by the opening hymn.  It would be a whole lot simpler to have one of those boring pedantic ministers who preach at you.   So after all this deep heart opening I go to this beautiful, meaningful service in which people are speaking their truth, and all I can say is thank goodness I don’t wear much make-up and the pews have tissues in them.  One of these Sundays my heart might just crack open.

Oh yes, the knee is slightly better.  Unfortunately, I had to cancel last week’s acupuncture treatment and I might not make it back until next week.  Meanwhile, no sensation is good sensation but still, the lotus is a bit tighter.  Maybe I’ll make it to Philadelphia in December after all.  David Garrigues has a workshop at the end of the year that I want to go to, but I need the knee to heal a bit more before I commit to that.





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