Ustrasana and Creative Every Day Month

Ustrasana, a beautiful heart opening pose, and one I’ll be looking at shortly as soon as I stop procrastinating and get to my mat.  One of my favorite yoga blogs is Yoga in the Dragon’s Den.  Yesterday Nobel wrote about gratitude for a body that tends to put on weight.  What?  You might say.  But yes, that’s what he wrote and I think that he may be right.  Nobel wrote that if he hadn’t needed to work hard to keep trim, he might not have bothered to exercise very much at all and certainly wouldn’t have dived into the Ashtanga yoga system the way he did.  This resonates for me.  I have to work very hard to keep my weight down, and that struggle is part of what keeps me coming back to my mat.  But there on the mat you discover other things, a myriad of unexpected benefits.  And lately the desire to get the jumpthrough often keeps me from eating unnecessarily.

Revisiting abhyasa and vairagya, practice and renunciation, or focusing on the work while letting go of the results, I found another application.  Someone close to me is struggling with addiction and currently hospitalized.  I go through agonizing decisions about how much to help.  How much do you help someone who keeps throwing their life down the toilet?  But here’s the thing, I’ve decided to help this time.  Maybe not next time, but this time.  But if I get all attached to the results of helping an addict, I’d certainly be setting myself up for disappointment.  So the goal is to do what I can to help (not enable, help find treatment, make phonecalls, etc…), but not get attached to the idea that this person will get better.  Okay, that’s impossible, but if I keep that focus it helps me to avoid some of the emotional pitfalls of being angry with the person for being in this ugly place again.

Finally, I’m an artist who’s been out of work for some time.  That is to say, I’ve been raising small children and working part-time at other jobs, one of them art related.  To begin to get back into the swing of things, I’ve joined the Creative Everyday website for their annual November Art Every Day Challenge.  It is a baby step, as my time is limited.  My primary goal is to draw daily.  Click on the picture to take a peek.


2 thoughts on “Ustrasana and Creative Every Day Month

  1. I am so inspired by your blog! I don’t have a problem with my weight, but I am struggling to get back to exercise after some health issues. I read your entry and my heart breathed a little. It’s about the baby steps. Thank you for the reminder.

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