Kimono Plate Ustrasana

Practice is at a plateau where it will probably stay until I figure out how to plug up those energy leaks.  At the moment I have to confess that there is stress, enough that I’m regressing in some of my habits and it is hard hard hard.  Hello plateau.  Here is your color and texture and I’m getting to know you pretty well.  Working around my current limitations, I just keep showing up at the mat for whatever practice I can manage for the day.

Yesterday, as my mind wandered and my energy was low and I was tempted to check my email, drink more water, and in other ways escape from the meditative flow or lack thereof that needs to happen on the mat.  I asked myself, why are you here if you’re not going to focus on the here and now?  That brought me out of my reverie and back to my mat.

Yet the other day while I was teaching I noticed that teaching yoga has become a flow state for me. If I can learn to maintain the kind of focus I bring to a yoga class to my artistic practice, that practice will take off I have no doubt.  For the length of the class and a good chunk of time thereafter, I forgot to worry about the trials and tribulations that currently vex me.  Which puts things into perspective and shows me how my mind fixates on problems in a way that isn’t terribly effective or useful.

My friend John has a great solution to all such problems:  more yoga.

Here is an amazing performance- I even downloaded the song from iTunes.  Yoga meets breakdancing anyone?


3 thoughts on “Kimono Plate Ustrasana

  1. Deb,

    I want to say THANK YOU! Your yoga class this past sunday rejuvenated me both mentally and physically. All of my life’s tensions and worries just melted away.

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