thankfull circles


My oldest daughter made this in response to a drawing that I have been working on.  I tried to post it yesterday but was pressed for time and ran into slow response time on my computer and accidentally deleted text.

I managed to not eat and drink my way into oblivion yesterday.  This is one of the unsung benefits of a strict yoga practice.  If you know you have to get up for a 6:30 practice (not to mention the one hour commute to get to the nearest Mysore class), you just know that a 3rd glass of wine is not going to feel so good in the morning.  Or the second piece of cake.

But the class was so worth it.  Worth every missed treat.  Serious wow.  The Mysore format really resonated for me when I took Kathy McNames’ classes up in Burlington at YogaVermont.  A mysore style class is one in which the students learn the practice one pose at a time from the teacher, and the more experienced students practice the preset series of poses that they have memorized.  This might seem boring, but it’s not.  Knowing the sequence allows you to go much deeper into the practice.  It becomes a moving meditation.  Also the teacher is free to fully evaluate the student’s practice and provide the necessary assists.  In fact Robert Moses, who was as good or better a teacher as I’ve ever had, at several points was assisting me in a pose while instructing a newcomer to the practice in what to do next.

And the assists were wonderful.  I got into Marichasana D on my good side (right leg still goes in lotus) and it felt fantastic- deep and pliable!  My fingers touched in supta kurmasana, if only for a micro-second. A very simple instruction from him vastly improved my jumpthrough, which is more of a beginning slide through as my feet are finally, finally not getting stuck at my wrists so much.  I was lifting up my hands too quickly once my butt hit the floor, but by continuing to press firmly into my hands I could solidify this vinyasa (one pose flowing into the next).  Oh my, so much for one day.  Didn’t I write last week that I was stuck in a plateau?   Not today, not so much.

I wish, I very much wish to make the trip to Peterborough, NH on a weekly basis, but Robert only teaches on Friday mornings and my husband works.  So my attendance will be sporadic for awhile.  But I will see what I can do.  Perhaps there is a way to make it all work.


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