The flight is booked, which for me is the definitive moment.  I’ll be going to Philadelphia over New Year’s to study 2nd series with David Garrigues.  David is an amazing yogi whose blog I’ve been following for a while now.  I also have his first series 2 DVD set.  It is as if he’s on fire from within and I want what he has.  Or I at least want to get a little more of the texture, the feel of that inner fire.

I dreamed last night that J adjusted me in janu sirsasana, only I didn’t get much from it because I was sort of sleeping through the practice for some reason, completely distracted.  But as he walked away I called him back to tell him that Robert had helped me get bound in Marichyasana D.  Distraction, that is my focus this week, for I’m beginning to realize that rather than worrying so much about whether I can bind in this or that pose, whether I can jump through without getting stuck, although these are all very interesting and wonderful things, the heart of the practice is the moving meditation that I’m only beginning to understand.  I’m more or less blowing that half the time or more in my home practice.  It’s easier to get that level of concentration in the studio, surrounded by others all working on the same thing.  But at home- I get ideas.  A song I could play in my next vinyasa class, an email pings in, a blog post idea.  So this week I’m working on the meditative aspect of the practice.  Complete focus on drishti (gaze or focal point), asana, bandha (energetic lock or uplifting).  Even in class on friday I kept forgetting to inhale to virabhadrasana A in the surya namaskara Bs, I kept forgetting where I was in the practice.  I completely forgot to do bhujapidasana-supta kurmasana.  I can forgive myself, there are reasons why I’m distracted lately, but still…  Back to work!


3 thoughts on “Philadelphia

  1. Very excited for you that you will spend New Year’s with David Garrigues! Looking forward to seeing your posts about the experiences.

    As for distractions while at home — I hear you! It’s interesting, though. Sometimes, when I am teaching at the studio, I like it when there are outside noises, because it seems like a good opportunity for students to practice pratyahara and to really use tristana. At home, when it’s me who is being distracted (by the heat or lack thereof, by the beep of the dryer, etc.), it’s harder to see it as an opportunity, but I have been trying to do just that and except that that the distractions can, in the long run, help strengthen my practice.

  2. Thank you Claudia, I’m sure I will be posting about it before and after. For now, I’m trying to memorize the order of the poses. And those elusive binds, I can get Mari D on my good side with a strong assist, but not at home on my own, not yet.

    Thank you too, Rose, it promises to be an interesting weekend. I still have to pinch myself, I’m really going! Ram Dass has written about distractions being an opportunity to practice staying in the moment and not getting carried away. This week I’m focusing on tristana to the best of my ability, which puts a laser beam on my distracted self.

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