This is part 2 of a demonstration video featuring three yoginis:  Anna Neuman, Jennifer Phillips, and Cindy Matheison.  They are awe-inspiring in their rendition of the Intermediate series of Ashtanga yoga.

Practice Report:

After the last prasarita (wide-legged forward fold) I usually pretend that I’m going to do a handstand, just for the fun of it and because Kino Macgregor throws it in her video.  I do a little hop as if I could get my hips above my shoulders and my legs overhead.  Today it happened, quite unexpectedly, so of course I fell over and couldn’t repeat it.  But I know it happened!

And then, after being assisted in Mari D by my teacher several times (on the good knee side), today I got it on my own.  My two middle fingers just barely hooked, but they did hook and I hung on for dear life.  I probably wouldn’t have let go at all if my liver didn’t gasp for blood.  It’s a bit constricting!

I’m not sure what I did to deserve any of it.  My eating has been out of control since Friday.  But it was the afternoon and I turned on the heater and closed the door to the room that functions as art studio/ home office/ study space/ computer storage/ yoga studio.  Usually I leave the door open so that the dogs can wander in and out, but today I wanted heat.

The final gift, and gift it was!  Is that the chakrasana (backwards somersault) began smoothing out a bit.  It has been a train wreck for a long time, and David Swenson actually yelled at me and told me to stop when he saw it!  But after a while I wanted to try again so I began flailing around, one leg veering way off to the side and the left hand still refusing to push adequately into the mat to allow space for my head and neck to roll.  Finally I’m able to press into both hands.  Somewhat clumsily.  Very clumsily.  The left leg still veering off to the side.  But still… progress!

Now if only I could stop eating!  It’s okay, it’s not like there’s a major food holiday right around the corner or anything.  Not as if I have to make brownies and cookies for classrooms and enough food to feed a small army in the house for Christmas Day.  Sigh.







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