No Practice

It occurs to me that I’m always there to write about when I’m practicing, whether things are going well or not so well.  But how about when I’m not practicing?  The thing that I’m not doing is a very big thing in my life these last few days.

Two days without a practice beyond a few sun salutations, and yesterday those didn’t even happen.  There are reasons, sure.  As in Sunday night I stayed up and watched a movie with my husband.  Something about going to bed at midnight makes it impossible to get up at 5am.  And with Christmas so close I don’t have time to make it up later.

Are any of these reasons?  No they are not.  I think that really it has been an emotional week.  A very draining and highly emotional week.  The ghost of childhood past has been visiting me.  The yoga practice and the acupuncture have been opening up all of the channels and the energy has been flowing, but suddenly you can’t hide from yourself and it’s not so fun.  Not when the ghost of Christmas past comes knocking on the door.  So really by not practicing, I have been shutting down, closing down, slowing down the rate of transmission.

Every year I write a holiday letter.  You know, one of those light and cheery letters that lets your friends and family know about all the major events in your life for the last year.  I wrote one yesterday.  It’s quite humorous, in a dark sort of way.  It’s lacking gratitude.  I recommend it as an exercise, to write an honest holiday letter and then feel free to not mail it.  Although I suspect my friends and family might find the honest version more interesting than holiday lite.

Today I get back on the mat.  In 8 minutes to be exact.  Let the ghost of Christmas  past be silent for the next hour or so.




2 thoughts on “No Practice

  1. If you send me anything, please let it be the holiday dark version. It’s totally where my mind is these days. I haven’t even attempted a Christmas card yet this year because I can’t muster up the faux cheer and am trying to think of another (interesting) option. Or maybe I should just stick with photos this year! They are the truth without my interpretive filter, after all….

  2. ghost of Christmas past is visiting here too…laughed out loud when I read the bit about your holiday letter…managed to get my annual “holiday lite letter” written too, but felt a similar sense of dark humour. What a great idea to write one “real” letter and then not send it!…will give that a try 🙂

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