Looking for models

I went back to college in my mid twenties for Studio Art, having been unable to shake the dream of becoming an artist.  But I did this funny thing and went to a liberal arts college, and since I have academic leanings and magpie like interests, I fell in love with religion courses.  We had this great professor, James Kodera, who taught a course called “Contemplation and Action.” We read everything from Henri Nouwen and the Tao of Pooh to Martin Luther King.  I filled out the paperwork to complete a minor in religion and Prof. Kodera said something about how now I live in two houses.  I took a lot of courses in the religion department but I never completed the minor.  Yet still his statement resonates for me.  I live in two houses.  There is art and yoga.  I even have two blogs.

So if you’ve read this far, I’m looking for photographs of people doing 3 poses from the ashtanga 2nd series.  You do not have to have a perfect body, nor does your pose have to be perfect.  You do have to give me permission to use your photograph to make drawings and/or paintings/ mixed media pieces.  There’s more information on my art blog here.  I would prefer to have a set of one person doing all three poses.  They are the backbends:  ustrasana, laguvajrasana, and kapotasana.  You may in turn receive some kind of sketch or artwork of yourself in the pose, which you may or may not love and frame and put in your home in a beautiful spot for yourself to enjoy for the rest of your life.  Or recycle, whichever seems appropriate.

My email address is artem6@comcast.net.  One more thing, images should be high resolution so that I can print them out.  I promise not to post your photos in odd places on the internet.  I may ask your permission to post them on my art blog.  They can be incognito as well.  See the above image, although some of my work is much more detailed.  The one above was done during a painting session with my son using tempera paint and fat paint brushes.  I love how those fat brushes keep you from being too picayune with the paint.


5 thoughts on “Looking for models

  1. Hi Deborah, I followed you over here from your blogger account. Posemaniacs is a website for artists that has models in random poses or you can choose a pose. The app I use is called RandomPose and I love it, but you have to be online to use it.

    Thanks for leaving your comment and good luck in the drawing,


    1. Thanks Vicki! I was enjoying your website. I have an artblog too, this is my yoga blog. But it’s no matter for now. Thank you for the tip- I’ll take a look at both of those.

  2. Hi Deborah,

    Are you still looking for photos to work from? I have a high resolution set of ustrasana, lagu and kapo that I can send. I’d love to see what you do with them as I love the art you post! I’d be happy to pay for anything that comes out of using the photos. Email at: hibiscus102(at)gmail(dot)com if you still want more photos to use.

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