Foot Binding

Winter Reflections

No, not that kind of foot binding.  See below.

My schedule will just not conform to my desire for a Mysore class.  I have pushed and pulled and tried to make it all fit, but my husband is taking 2 graduate courses this semester and my oldest daughter has an early morning rehearsal on the day that Robert teaches.  I am just going to have to wait.  I have other options, of course.  I can go to my beloved NeYoga on Sundays for a fantastic led primary, but we were all loving our local UU church and the girls sing in the choir.  The thing is, I know myself well enough now to know that this is the one thing I need to get through a busy time.

There are 2 Mysore classes in the Boston area, but they are an hour away.  They even boast certified teachers.  So I’ll consider it an educational field trip to get to both places sometime this winter/early Spring.  It is a little silly that I’ve been to Philadelphia and Vermont but haven’t gone to Ashtanga Yoga Boston.  I have heard that they are very traditional and since I’m just starting to bind in Marichyasana D on my good side, and the supta kurmasana bind is going to require missing a few more meals, I have hesitated to go.  I mean, who wants to drive an hour and have their practice cut short?

Today was a long practice.  I had already scheduled an extra morning at preschool for my son when I realized I couldn’t go to Peterborough anyway.  So I practiced at home. Sweet luxury, I turned the heat up.  Please don’t call the environmental police on me.  The space heater is great but it takes a while to get going and I don’t build up a sweat.  So I did this new variation on the practice that I learned from Sarah Durney in Philly where I practice first up to baddha konasana, and then 2nd up to vrischikasana (scorpion thingie balancing on your forearms).  But I skip all the dwi padas and today I skipped the tittibhasanas as well, which I won’t, generally.  I don’t like them so much but hey, they’re there, so I’ll do them.

Keeping the practice note brief, it was a sweet practice.  I got nice and warm and for the first time since July, I bound the left foot in ardha baddha padmottanasana (1/2 bound lotus forward folding).  Just barely got it in ardha baddha padma paschimottanasana (same thing, seated instead of standing) as well, but after that I stopped pushing the knee because I know how that goes.  That’s 6 months, and it’s not anywhere near where it used to be, but I’m very grateful to see this progress.  The mari D bind happened on my good side.  Still no supta, that’s okay.  Practice and all is coming, yes?  The pincha mayurasana thing still has me singing hallelujah.  It has been years of work, and I love it.  Now if I could just get the legs into lotus up there, Hahaha……

Whew, it’s a lot and I’m wiped out in a very deep want to go lie down and nap now sort of way.  I haven’t blogged much in the last week because I’ve been busy plugging up energy leaks in my life.  Perhaps that is best left for the next post.



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