Wisdom in Odd Places


I have been working on an assessment of 2011 and goals and intentions for 2012.  My typical goals include losing weight and getting more organized.  Then I was looking for information on skincare in a book called “Bobbi Brown:  Living Beauty.”  She quotes some famous people and their ideas on beauty, aging and looking good.  Here’s Susan Sarandon, an actress I have long admired:

“When I’m open, joyful, curious, and compassionate, I look my best.  Self-love.  The realization that age brings wisdom, confidence, and perspective that is palpable and admired by those who are still trying to figure out who they are.”

Her words led me to an epiphany of sorts.  I often approach my mat and my life with a solid determination to accomplish a certain number of things.  I can be cranky and unpleasant when things don’t go my way.  What if I’m asking the wrong questions and setting the wrong goals?  If the goal is to be open, joyful, curious and compassionate, then I still might want to lose weight and be more organized in order to leave space for joy and curiosity, but be less attached to the results when life’s vicissitudes interfere with my carefully laid plans.

Who knew one could find wisdom in a book on skincare and makeup tips?  New goals for 2012:  figuring out how to be open, joyful, curious and compassionate much more of the time.  Where shall I start?  It feels like new territory.




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