Drawing Kapotasana

I have been drawing more lately, and some amazing yoginis have been very generous with their photographs.  Here is Christine from Gainesville in Kapotasana:

And another of her in Laguvajrasana:

Ironically, I have been ill with a chest cold for a week and have hardly been able to practice at all.  A week or so ago I went to a Shiva Rea inspired workshop with Jennifer Sundeen.  The polar opposite of my usual practice, yet I have studied with Shiva Rea (a weekend anatamy workshop with over 100 other aspiring teachers) and have several of her DVD’s.  I found it nice to revisit that free flowing style and recall what I enjoyed about it.  Jennifer has her own heart felt groove of a style, very elemental and flowing.  And here is a confession of sorts.  She never called out kapotasana, but we did Ustrasana (camel pose) several times, and I was so warm by then that I just dove backwards and touched the balls of my feet for the very first time.  Best kapo to date.  Go figure.

I’m planning to get on my mat this morning, and just praying that the coughing will subside and my lungs will clear.  I did finally get a decent night’s sleep, for perhaps the first time in a week.

Clicking on the pictures will link to my art blog.



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