Isn’t this a Steely Dan song?

In this case, it’s a lovely yogini from Washington D.C. named Peg Mulqueen.  I am hoping to meet her in the Mysore room some day.  There is also a photo and an essay by her on page 20 of the March 2012 Yoga Journal.  My friend Kevan met her at a Lululemon thing, and from reading her blog I think she is just the coolest.  Very earthy, funny, and not pretentious at all.


Peg in Kapotasana

This morning I will work my way back onto my mat.  My only intentions are the sun salutations and a few standing postures.  Feeling better, but I still wake up with an unpleasant cough and am quick to tire.

It truly makes me grateful for an everyday, ordinary practice.  We fall into this rut, many of us, of looking for the next opening, the next epiphany, the next pose.  But being ill reminds you that a simple everyday practice is a beautiful thing.  Nothing special, just right here on your mat.


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