Practice notes on an improving knee


At last, my left knee is much improved.  I’d say it’s back to about 75% percent of its former flexibility.  I have a lotus that while not perfect or particularly tight, will do.  Will do excellently in fact.   Janu sirsasana feels better every time I do it now.  I’m beginning to just hang out in 1/2 lotus and let the inner knee gently open for longer periods.  Mostly, I think it was just time and continued practice that helped.

Of course that was July, when I hurt my knee, nearly 8 months ago.  So it has been a long road.

One more practice note- my current 2nd series practice is to stop at Scorpion pose.  I fear it’s really an excuse not to take Mayurasana, but then I can’t really do dwi pada or yoga nidrasana, so I substitute supta kurmasana for now.  So in that karandavasana thing, it doesn’t work so much without a lotus.  Without a hands free lotus, to be more specific.  Today I took the posture in headstand position (rather than pincha position), got a loose hands free lotus, and wonder of wonders began to lower that thing on down.  Forgive me if you’re not an ashtangi and this makes no sense.  Suffice it to say that there was that glorious moment of “I’m flying!” just before my lotus went thump on the floor.  Smiles.

Reading Gregor Maehle’s Intermediate book.  It’s fascinating.  He’s a bit out there, in a lot of ways, but the anatomical information is thorough and I’m looking forward to savoring the mythological information as well.  Some of the more esoteric topics he writes about seem a bit, well, unsupported by hard evidence.  But I can leave it at that for now and wait and see.  I always say that I’ve never seen a ghost, not that ghosts absolutely don’t exist.


4 thoughts on “Practice notes on an improving knee

  1. I hurt my inner left knee in June, nearly 9 months ago (perhaps there were planets aligned malignantly for left knees in early summer last year?)

    Trusting the practice and being very, very patient (plus a lot of body work and sesame oil on the hip and leg every day) brought it back to my “old” lotus, just recently, too. Janu Sirsasana A is back as well, although the knee is still a bit “higher” than I’d like (B&C never went away, oddly).

    Agreed – recovering from a wonky knee is a very long road! Dirga Kala.

    Advice from Eddie Stern to me at the Confluence about it – “You are in the home stretch! Continue to be patient. It’ll get there.” Wise words. Hang in there, sister!

  2. Well, this is good & encouraging news on the knee front! Looks like I’ve a long road ahead of me. It’s really frustrating not to be able to do Janu at all, or try to work on lotus. Especially when I do the poses on the other side of my body and they feel so good. Enough about me! Yay you, for patience and practice.

  3. Awesome on the lotus from headstand!…that’s how I started karandavasana too. My teacher actually encouraged me not to try the lotus from forearm balance position until both the base (pincha position) and the lotus were fairly steady…and then he started helping me put the two pieces of the puzzle together. It’s been a several year process, but what an amazing feeling of inner strength on the first day that you land it on your own!
    Love the colors the sketch above!

  4. Thanks Christine and Jane! Oh Michelle, that’s lovely that you made it to the confluence. Must have been so interesting- and meeting Eddie Stern too!

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