Yoga is funny

Christine in Kapotasana, with dots

And not always funny haha.  I practiced at New England Yoga in Littleton on Sunday, with the ever delightful Sue Pentland.  Her energy is warm and yellow, and her assists are thoughtful yet firm.  My knee continued to cooperate nicely, and she got me into my first Janu B on the weaker knee side since July.  I didn’t know I was that close yet as I just started trying for that one with the leg in lotus again.  But now my shoulders are unhappy.  I always think that I am working pretty hard in my home practice, but I haven’t been to a class in a month for various reasons.  I’m not sure if anyone out there has had a tetanus shot recently, but I had one on thursday and my right shoulder was pretty funky for a day or two.  But it felt okay on Sunday and I did all the jump throughs and jumpbacks with enthusiasm.  I mean, I’m in class after all, this is no time for skipping!  So on Monday morning my shoulders ached, and still today.  Enough that I can’t sleep on my right side.  So I took a break yesterday and have yet to figure out what I’m working on today. But I might be skipping a few jump throughs.  Just so you know.  

Preparing for a Spring cleanse, I’m giving up coffee for a while.  This is not easy for me, I feel very connected to my coffee.  A tad obsessive even.  So before practice today, it’s ginger tea.  I’ve been poking around in Gregor Maehle’s Intermediate book.  I love how he talks about Pasasana.  If you’re having trouble with the bind, he says “Reduce adipose tissue.  Eat less, exercise more.”  Of course, that’s the solution!  I’ll get right on that.  It’s maddening because he’s right, in a very simplistic sort of why, which completely fails to take into account the psychology of a person who has come this far yet still has a few pounds to lose.  Or ten.

On that note, I miss my wedding ring.  It fell off a few weeks ago, and I later found it in one of my gloves after a heart stopping panic .  So I gave it to my husband for safe keeping.  We were married 13 years ago, and I was substantially heavier back then, after college, mother was ill, etc…  There’s this sense of something missing, my fingers are bare.  I shall have to get it resized or something.


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