Aging and Practice

Today is just the practice notes.  I went to New England Yoga again and practiced with Sue P.  I had to ease up on the jump throughs and the jump backs to keep my shoulder happy, but otherwise all was more than well and my knee is probably 90% back to normal now.  I feel like the elusive binds are just around the corner, like if I just lost maybe three pounds it all would fall into place.

But the best part of practice was afterwards, talking to Sue and Paulie Miller.  I mentioned to Sue that I was in a hurry to accomplish this or that pose because I’d like to work on third series before I’m 50 and start losing poses as fast as I gain them.  But Sue, who is a few perhaps but not so many years older than me, delightfully young still yet tempered by maturity and wisdom, at least we hope so, said she things that’s all a crock.  I’m pretty sure she didn’t exactly say crock, but you get the idea.  She mentioned Deepak Chopra and the idea that there is this tribe of people in South America I (adding Quantum Healing to the reading list) in which they believe that you get stronger as you get older, and that they believe this so strongly that 40 year olds are faster than 20 year olds, and therefore the older you get the better.  That a lot of how we age is in our heads, and in our belief systems.

Sue also mentioned a woman who comes to the studio who is 60, and is now getting into most of the first series poses, having started when she was about 50 or so.

So perhaps I limit myself by believing that I will only get more and more injuries as I age.  That I’m at an age in which my options are limited.  Perhaps I just need to reframe my thinking.  After all, truth be told, at somewhere north of 40 I’m actually in the best shape of my life, in all respects, not just the physical.


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