Writing, Practice and Freakish Will Power

Lately, I notice, the writing is getting the better of me.  I would get up at 5am, get a cup of coffee and write in my journal for a while.  Pretty soon an hour went by and I wasn’t on my mat yet.  And my practice was too short, by the time I got there.

So this week, a new leaf.  I’ve already cut out the pre-practice coffee, and am now down to 1 or 1 1/2 cups a day.  This feels a bit ascetic for me, but it does help even out my energy levels and reduce anxiety, which is a topic for another post.  Practicing while drinking ginger tea is not quite the same, but it’s not terrible.  This week I will practice first and write later.  Of course this means I will write less.  But I’m intrigued by something Angela Jamison wrote in her post How Jedi Knights Should Eat.  She writes:

“Daily practitioners do develop slightly freakish will power. But a strong will can make you stupid. In this practice, your will is only as good as your surrender.”

Okay, so I can see some of this freakish will power when it comes to poses.  And it’s true, it has made me stupid.  I have had a tough time with this whole surrender business and have injured myself as a result.   Slow learner, in this, regard, but getting there.

But when it comes to food, I have yet to experience the freakish will power thing.  Perhaps I don’t practice intensely enough.  Sure I practice daily, mostly, but some days are a bit weak.  Some days I’m lucky to get in the sun salutations.  And as I mentioned, the writing thing was getting strong at the expense of the Ashtanga practice.  Which is good, in a way, except that mostly in my journal I whine about things that more yoga might solve better than more writing.

So this is an experiment, of sorts, in ramping up my practice.  If a miracle happens and I suddenly develop the freakish willpower to resist the lure of peanut m&ms and guacamole on Easter Sunday, all the better.  But I’ll settle for less than that.

This week I intend to practice full primary every day. Except Saturday, which is a day off and I get to go ice skating with my daughter.


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