Gloucester, MA  Long Beach

We had a spontaneous road trip, and went to the beach.  Intending to go overnight, we stayed for two and were rewarded with a glorious, glowing sunset.

I practiced standing postures on the sand while my children played.  So lovely to be warm, the sun just turns your joints to butter and you can turn and twist.  So refreshing after a long winter of practicing with a space heater.

Last night I took a led second series class with Gail Cannon at Earthsong Yoga in Marlboro and it was such a good practice, completely illuminating the need for a teacher.  She talked us through every transition between the poses and some of them aren’t as hard as I thought.  It felt so much smoother and more fluid than when I practice it at home.  Of course I’m more flexible at night, too, so that helps.   And kapotasana was nice, I’m not at my heels yet but I didn’t have to struggle to get my fingers past my toes to the balls of my feet.  If there had been time for one more go at it I might have gotten close.  I hope she offers it again soon- it’s not a regular thing.

Oh, all you ashtangis with a shala nearby, you are so very lucky!


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  1. We are in the same situation in regards to a teacher and I had the same reaction to taking Gail’s class. Until the next opportunity, perhaps we could practice together at my house sometimes and assist each other. Let’s talk!

  2. Ooh, that could be fun and useful too! This morning I drove to Dublin, NH to Robert Moses’s Mysore class. It was great, but 53 minutes away. He’s teaching out of his home at the moment until he gets a new space in Dublin mid-June. I can’t see that I could manage it much more than once a month at this point. I’ve also thought about going into Back Bay Yoga sometime to try Kate O’Donnell’s class. I would have invited you this morning but it was touch and go until the last minute.
    You know, it would be fun to practice assisting on each other!

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