I joined a writing group

Elephant Walk, Gelatin Print.  -Deborah Santoro

And stopped writing.  Ironically enough.  It’s not their fault, but I started thinking about writing as more of an assignment, and began worrying over the flow of a piece, the overall composition.  Which pretty much brought my blog to a stand still.

The other reason is I decided to take my practice up a notch and practice first and write later.  Which is great for my practice, and deathly for writing as the early morning is a time when the words just flow.  But I woke up this morning and had the thought that I miss writing.  Which is probably another excuse to not get on my mat.

Another interesting thing about writing a yoga blog, as a yoga teacher, is that you start wondering at a certain point if things are too personal to share.  If you should present yourself in a more professional way.  I have friends who have gone on to open up studios and they have to think about their image.  So far I’ve always kept it down to earth here, sort of.  I mean, I do get a bit flighty once in a while, but overall I’m not trying to impress anybody.  

Oh the ways in which we fool ourselves.  In many ways it’s all about attention, isn’t it?

But once you set yourself up as a purveyor of yogic wisdom, it could get a bit harder to admit that you yelled at your kids in the supermarket or ate a hostess twinkie or something.  Now I haven’t had a Hostess twinkie in a long time, do they still sell those?  But this Halloween thing did just happen and I am not so pure…  there’s this thing called the “Mom and Dad tax” on candy don’t you know.  And I do love those dark chocolate mounds things the kids occasionally get…

I’ve been thinking about this a lot this year, since my youngest has gone to kindergarden and I will be teaching at a new yoga studio called Buddha Nest Yoga in Groton, Ma run by my friend Anne Dries.  The same thing goes for my art blog where I currently my post my thoughts and frustrations in that realm but I do notice that professional artists usually present themselves online in a more polished way.  

One final thought though, all those super polished blogs and websites are not always so interesting to me.  I love all the funky personal practice blogs where people freely admit their flaws and foibles and keep practicing anyway.  It’s so much more real.

If you got this far, I’ll just say this.  It’s election day.  You can probably guess who I’m voting for today. If you wanted to know, I would tell you.  Looking for a more politically astute post?  Try YogaRose.  There’s a really good Angela Jamison quote in there if you scroll down.


8 thoughts on “I joined a writing group

  1. Just what I want in a blog, Deb! Interesting and speckled with humor that I can relate to. It is sometimes a struggle for me to separate my ‘yoga’ life with my personal one. There are times when I want to shout out what I believe in, but I find myself holding back. As a teacher and business owner might I truly alienate others by doing so? I think it best not to find out. But I will admit one thing, I ate a (few) peanut butter cups….

    1. I know exactly what you mean Anne. Like it or not, to a certain extent as a studio owner you are now a public figure. I’m sure you’ll navigate the whole process with grace!

  2. Great post, Deb. I’m an all-or-nothing kind of person, myself. All the truth, and none of the Halloween candy. Because if I enacted my tax, the kids would have woken up with ALL OF THEIR CANDY GONE and that just doesn’t seem like a good mom thing to do 😉

    I stay away from politics at studiomothers.com because politics aren’t relevant to our scope. But if I had a personal soap box like you do, I’d be wearing my OBAMA sticker proudly.

    1. Hey Miranda, this merits a discussion! Perhaps I’ll nab you at the masquerade and tell you about the talk I heard Chris Bohjalian give at a library seminar.

  3. I also struggle with how personal to get. Do I limit it to practice talk or can I throw in other bits of my life? Ultimately, I don’t think it’s probably so important but just a small consideration for me (I think only my husband religiously reads it).
    I love the parent tax on candy! That made me wish I’d indulged more! I love those individually wrapped peanut butter cups…

  4. Thank you almostyogi. I have to say as an avid blog reader I get bored with purely practice talk. It’s more interesting to get to know a fleshed out person, you know. We are certainly more than the mechanics of our poses! In a sense, some people feel that we shouldn’t talk about the yoga itself so much, that this takes away from the practice somehow. But on that end, sometimes I do like to talk about the poses and the difficulties and indulge in the discursive nature of things. Whatever is a blogger to do!

  5. Very interesting post, Deborah. You bring up many insightful points that I have often thought about myself. I’ve actually just written a (hopefully not rambling) post about your post on my blog.

  6. “Another interesting thing about writing a yoga blog, as a yoga teacher, is that you start wondering at a certain point if things are too personal to share.”

    So interesting that you wrote this and later referred to my post on politics (thanks, btw!). Politics was something I always felt was too personal to share, but as I more recently wrote, I started to reflect a bit more. And as I reflected about why I backed who I backed, it seemed more yogic, not less, to share my concerns about the direction one of the candidates would lead this country down should he be elected. I did get push back on it — a long email from someone who sometimes comes to my classes and who also reads my blog emailed me to say that by writing what I wrote, I was politicizing yoga and fostering division. (On the other hand, 100 percent — so far anyway — of the public comments I received were positive.)

    Anyway, it’s interesting. 🙂

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