December is my Worst


December is truly my worst month.  I’m still emerging from it.  This despite the joys of a beautiful holiday with a family I love.  It has taken me a long time to see the pattern of it.  Is it the light levels? My family history? All of that and more, I’m sure.  Truly I want to hide in a cave and instead I have to go to the mall.  I hate the mall.

That and a minor injury, already recovered from, but the next thing you know I’m up 5 pounds and the ever delicate marichyasana D bind is gone gone gone.  Poor me, there are worse things.

But there is more light now, the holidays are over, and once more a sense of renewal.  Always there is this feeling of return, return to the practice, to the intention to make the most of the short time we are given in this human life.  It is such a joke the universe plays on us, there is so much to do, so little time.

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?”
― Mary OliverNew and Selected Poems

When my personal practice lags I turn to my DVDs, so once again David G tells me to dip the spine into the body, Kino exhorts me to put my feet under my hands in padahastasana on her 2nd series DVD, has anyone else noticed this snafu?  After a while this too, shall pass, and I will regain the momentum to practice in quiet, which is often deeper and more fluid.

I love this picture of David Garrigues and myself, from a weekend workshop in Florence, MA last September. He’s in India at the moment, for like ever, and I’m eagerly awaiting the update of his website to see what he might be offering for trainings next fall.  David said many things in that workshop that struck me, and I’m still reeling, but the most important one perhaps was this:

“Everything that is important in your practice, you are already doing.”


4 thoughts on “December is my Worst

  1. Funny how these teachers take off to India just when practicing in frigid New England gets really challenging. 🙂 One thing that helps me during these chilly dark days is practicing with you, and I thank you for that! Lovely photo. You are beautiful, and your practice is too.

    1. Thanks Deb! Yes, Spring will be lovely. Winter is lovely too, in its own way. Let’s get those heaters roaring next wednesday and create some of our own inner fire.

  2. Love this photo of you with David. December is so hard – January is even harder, I think. Just keep truckin’ – we only have a couple of months left of the cold, and then think of our beautiful Massachusetts Springtimes…when the snow melts and the sun gets warm and the birds start singing. Not that far away, really! Meanwhile, sit in the sun when you find it, roll out your mat, and just breathe!

    1. Hi Michelle, that was surely a lovely weekend at your studio and I look forward to coming back there. It’s fun to see your comments on different blogs, it’s like finding a friend I know at a party full of strangers. Thanks for being there!

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