New Prints, New House & Saturday Practice

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I’m back.


I mean, I’m baacckk… Think Steven Tyler screaming “I’m back in the saddle again.”


And if you’re too young to know who I mean, well, never mind then.


David Garrigues recently wrote about Saturday practice being more about reflecting on your practice week, taking the time to verbalize your thoughts.  That would be great except that I sometimes practice on Saturdays as a make-up, for those practices I didn’t quite manage to fit in during the week.

Whatever.  I’m just thrilled to have moved, to be done with moving.  The toll it has taken on my physical practice has been high.  My hips are tight in a way I don’t recall feeling… ever.  My low back too.  Backbending, always my strong point, has deteriorated, and don’t even talk to me about my struggles with Mari D or god help me (Ganesh?) pasasana, the noose I hang myself with several times a week.

But there is hope.  Today the thermometer hit the 70s.  More and more I feel the call to add seated meditation to my physical practice, as if I had the time.  But of course, there is only time, right?

What I know mostly is that I have a long way to go.  It’s all about abhyasa at this point, developing a steady, committed, daily practice.  You’d think after all these years I’d just give up and give in.  This is what I’m doing.  But no, I still fight and struggle and half-ass the practice.

As if that would help.  Sometimes ashtanga is like the bristly wooden metal tipped meat tenderizer my mother used to have.  Smash the meat until it becomes soft, malleable.

If you’ve read this far, I’ll throw this out there.  I need some fresh photographs to use for artwork.  If you practice ashtanga and feel like sending a picture, please do.  In return I’ll send you a print or a drawing.  Right now I’m moving towards working with trikonasana, parivrtta trikonasana, but any pose from 1st or 2nd series will do.  I’m starting to see that there’s a lot of energy in the poses we learn first.  Really anything that has interesting lines and shapes will do.  But ashtanga please, keep it simple.







2 thoughts on “New Prints, New House & Saturday Practice

  1. Hi. I enjoy your blog and your artwork and would love to send you some ashtanga practice photos if that would be useful. Forgive me if it is obvious and I am being dense – but where should i email them to? Thanks! Claire

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