My path to now…

I am a yogi, mother, artist, librarian, curator, wife and companion to a gorgeous German Shepherd named Meyer.  Not necessarily all-inclusive or in that order.  I found my first yoga teacher in the yellow pages in the early 90s.  She was an Iyengar style teacher.  We spent a long time on tadasana (mountain pose) and that has never led me astray.  After many years of searching for a teacher I found a Baron Baptiste video which introduced me to Power Yoga.  Eventually I unrolled my mat in David Magone’s classes at On the Mat Yoga in Concord, Ma.  My heart sang out the day he announced that he was beginning a teacher training program and I was one of the first to study with him.  In the midst of all this Sue Pentland bought a yoga studio in Littleton, Massachusetts, and made it over with her shining presence.  She introduced me to ashtanga yoga and it has insinuated its way into my psyche.  We went together in July of 2011 to take David Swenson and Shelley Washington’s 40 hour immersion for teachers.  On the way I’ve taken classes and workshops with Shiva Rea, Rolf Gates, Edward Clark, Kevan Gale, Tom Gillette and others.

All this, and it feels like only the beginning.  Who knows where the journey will end?


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